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link to What is a Chromosome

What is a Chromosome

A chromosome is a term derived from the Greek word which means Colored Body. It is a microscopic particle with a large filamentous form. It forms an organized structural package in the form of an...

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What is DNA

What is DNA? It is a molecule that bears the responsibility for storing and translating the genetic information in living organisms. The DNA is found in the nucleus of cells, and its shape can be...

link to What are Bacteria ?

What are Bacteria ?

What are Bacteria: They are prokaryotic microscopic living organisms. They consist of a simple cellular structure and can live in different places and environments example: soil, oceans, and within...

link to What is a cell ?

What is a cell ?

What is a cell: a cell is a very basic unit which together with other same cells makes a whole organism. It is actually a thing that is enclosing various organelles inside using an outer membrane. It...

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Facts About Horses

Facts about horses: Horse is considered a very elegant animal and is being used in many activities from riding to playing polo and this thing itself is a fact about this beautiful animal. I, as a...