The difference between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park?

There is little to no difference between a wildlife sanctuary and a national park. To get aware of the few differences that exist, go through this article, You will surely get more interesting knowledge about these two terms.

Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, both terms are considered the same as both serve to retain or preserve the environment and wildlife of the earth.

What is the main difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national park? The main difference between a wildlife sanctuary and the national park is that cultivation activities that humans usually do are not allowed or illegal in the national parks. But in wildlife sanctuaries, the cultivation activities are allowed. These cultivation activities include the cultivation of timber, fruits, berries, honey, and gum.

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Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in points:

                         WS                                NP
1. It does not possess any defined border-lines. It possesses defined border-lines.
2. It can openly be accessible by the general public with fewer restrictions. It cannot be accessible by the public as the border-lines are defined.
3. It aims specifically to protect flora and fauna. Including flora and fauna, there are many other things that included historical significance that national parks can protect.
4. Cultivations are often allowed. Cultivations are not allowed.
5. State government or the central government is the cause of the existence of wild-life sanctuaries. Exist due to the order of state legislature or central legislature.
6. There is the possibility that a wildlife sanctuary is upgraded to the national parks. There is no possibility for it to be upgraded or downgraded to the sanctuary.

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What is the difference between national park and zoo? A national park is a conserved place for nature or animals also including flora and fauna to save them from being endangered or from completely finished. While the zoo is a manmade place possessing animals in cages with the purpose of earning by showcasing them to the public.

 What are the activities allowed in national parks?

More often the activities allowed in national parks are as follow:

  • Rafting.
  • Horse-Riding.
  • Hiking.
  • Spelunking.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Padding
  • Orienteering.

What is Flora and Fauna?

You probably want to know what is flora and fauna. Flora & Fauna are the plants & animals of a specific area. If we talk about the flora then these are all the plants of a specific area that can be of a national park, sanctuary, or an ecosystem. fauna are the animals of a specific area same as flora.


What is Wildlife Sanctuary?

A wildlife Sanctuary or an Animal Sanctuary is a suitable isolated place as a shelter for animals that are in the red zone or are included in endangered species. Such animals are brought here to protect them from human hunting and are provided with the almost same environment as they are getting in the real wild.

Human tourism is not mostly not allowed in an animal sanctuary and the central aim of this is to instruct humans on how to well treat animals. Animals are given a natural habitat to let them grow in a natural way.

Is human activity allowed in wildlife sanctuary? No, human hustlings are strictly not allowed in wildlife sanctuary as they are designed to protect nature in a serious manner. It can be an entity to educate the public about the best human-animal interactions.

Examples of wildlife sanctuary:

Following are the famous examples of wildlife sanctuaries in the world:

The Holy Hedge Wildlife Sanctuary located in the United Kingdom.

The Wood Stock form wildlife sanctuary in the United States.

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breed situated in China.

The Black Jaguar & White Tiger Foundation located in Mexico.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary Trust located in Kenya.

Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary located in Pakistan.

Wechiau Community Hippo Wildlife Sanctuary located in Ghana.

The Tiritiri Matangi open wildlife sanctuary located in New Zealand.

The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

The Lone Pine Koala Wildlife sanctuary located in Australia.

Sloth Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Costa Rica.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in India.


What is National Park?

A national park is a conserved/isolated place something like an animal sanctuary controlled under the National authority. It is also a man-made specified area to often include wild animals in it. Human tourism is not prohibited in the national park though it is aimed to conserve nature also in a natural way.

It protects unscathed civilized and natural assets and worth them for the purpose of inspiration, education, and enjoyment.

What is the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and a zoo? The key difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary is that the zoo contains congested cells to include animals in it, also the buy and sell activities on animals are going in the zoo, furthermore, natural habitat is not provided in a zoo to animals. But a wildlife sanctuary is a totally different thing where animals are brought just to reserve them in a natural and healthy way.

Similarities Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Both are created with an identical goal which is to reserve nature.


  • Both are human attempts to save remaining wildlife assets.
  • Animal hunting is strictly prohibited in both these.
  • Both are under the control of the same government of the country.
  • Central government stretches out help to the state governments for support of both public parks and natural life asylums.
  • Both are types of organism isolations to make their species retained in a natural way.
  • Both can have plants and trees in them (an obvious thing)



In the above article, we have studied a basic overview of the national park and wildlife sanctuary. Both are different terms but also the same at some points as well. Both are highly related to animals and nature and are highly important in today’s world to protect nature as natural assets are very much important for a country or a nation to survive.

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