9 Tremendous Facts About Blood That I Bet You Don’t Know Before.

Every single component in a human body owns its unique importance, blood is also a body component with tremendous importance. You are going to read some amazing facts about blood that You are probably not aware of.

Blood is a fluid component than runs across the body 24 hours mainly composed of plasma, RBCs, and WBCs.

Without wasting Your time let’s jump on to some amazing and tremendous facts about blood that You might not aware of.

Fact About Blood Step By Step

facts about blood
facts about blood

Fact #1

Many of us don’t know that blood is a type of connective tissue. It is a fact that blood is a fluid type of connective tissue that runs throughout the body and it is a source for conveying oxygen and nutrients to the whole body parts.

Fact #2

Blood is not only of red color in this world. There are many organisms exist that have blue and white blood, for example; octopus, spider, squid, and crustaceans possess blue blood while cockroaches, beetle. butterfly and grasshoppers have greenish to white color. There are also some types of worms exist having green blood.

Fact #3

A single blood drop can have Hundreds of platelets, thousands of WBCs, and surprisingly millions of RBCs in it.

Fact #4

There are 4 types of blood groups AB, A, B, O, and there is no doubt that blood group in a person is strongly related to his/her genetic history.

Fact #5

It is a fact that there is gold In Your blood with all the other metals that blood includes like, zinc, iron, chromium, magnesium, copper, and lead. It is also stated by scientists that blood possesses about 0.2 milligrams of gold in it.

Fact #6

You often heard that there is always a nucleus inside the cell. But red blood cells are anucleated cells which means they lacks the nucleus and RBCs divide by the process called hematopoiesis. Also remember, WBCs have the nucleus in them.

Fact #7

About 7-8% of the total body’s weight is due to blood. It is also researched that there is about 1.325 blood gallons in a normal human being.

Fact #8

In females, white blood cells play a very vital role in developing the network of blood vessels in the ovary which is quite necessary for the manufacturing of progesterone hormone

Fact #9

It is a very famous myth that the blood is manufactured by the liver and lymphatic system but the fact is that about 95% of the blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow. The liver, spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes are employed to just enhance and regulate the blood cell production.

What is blood and types of blood?


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