11 Amazing Facts About Your Heart That You Really Don’t Know, with a pro-tip at end

As we all are familiar with the importance and working of the heart, there are many amazing facts about the heart that most of us don’t know.

Heart is the most important body organ, without which life is not possible of any organism, especially for quad legged animals. It is a 24 hours working muscle in the body that don’t rest. It employes to supply oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the whole body parts using arteries and veins

Scientifically the heart is known as cardiac muscle and it is mainly divided into 4 sections or chambers. These 4 chambers include 2 lower chambers called ventricles and 2 upper chambers called atria.

Let me break down all those astonishing facts about heart without wasting Your time.

note: the facts You are going to read will be based on the human heart.

Amazing Facts About Heart One By One

Facts About Heart
Facts About Heart

Fact #1

It is a surprising thing that on average a human heart pumps about 2000 blood gallons, beats 100,000 times in a whole day and it just weighs only between 7 to 15 ounces.

Fact #2

The heart in a human body performs twice than other body muscles which is a lot more and it works 24/7 nonstop. You can imagine the #1 fact.

Fact #3

This is a common myth that the heart is at the left side of the chest, but the fact is that it is present exactly in the center of the chest. the reason of the heartbeat sensation from the left side of the chest is due to the oxygenated blood it throws after oxygenation to the left side of the chest to supply it to the whole body tissues.

Fact #4

It is also a proven fact that men & women show different pre symptoms of heart-attack.

Fact #5

Heart health costs zero dollars which is daily exercise, but instead majority of the people don’t prefer to exercise.

Fact #6

The first successful open-heart surgery is performed 100 years back under the honor of Daniel Hale William who is an African-American surgeon in 1893.

Fact #7

The heart is the supplier of blood to every single cell of the body, but the cells of eye cornea are the one that don’t have blood supply in them, as a blood supply there can cause red-blurred vision.

Fact #8

Heart cancer is very much rare compare to other body organs because the heart cells stop dividing at their very early stage.

Fact #9

The length of vessels that are ultimately connected to a human heart is about 60,000 miles.

Fact #10

Women are more prone to heart diseases as compared to men because a women’s body is made of 5% more fat content than a man and it is the very basic thing that nutrition/fitness teachers teach you in their first sessions.

Fact #11

Heart has it own electrical impulses, so it is able to beat for sometime after it is removed from the body.

Fact #12

Stem cells are able to repair the heart tissue damage, but this technique is modern and still on ongoing clinical trials.

These are some interesting facts about heart and I hope You enjoyed these. Before going away, have a look at some very important protips sticked below.


  • Also, a study revealed that the people who are educated more about biology or heart they are very less prone to heart ailments. (basic knowledge about fitness should be mendatory for eveyone)
  • People that often stay happy are less likely to develop heart diseases.
  • Caffien/coffee consumers, apple eaters, and those do exercise through weeks are the people that are very rare spotted in hospitals and clinics.


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