Facts About Horses

Facts about horses: Horse is considered a very elegant animal and is being used in many activities from riding to playing polo and this thing itself is a fact about this beautiful animal. I, as a biology person and a lover of writing going to present You with some interesting facts about horses that You will love reading.

Amazing facts about horses:

1 – The Arabian horse is the best horse:

The Arabian horse is the best among all other breeds, and what makes it superior to others is that it is able to withstand many difficulties, as it has a wide and strong chest cage that exceeds other horses, in addition it has the ability to traverse 160 km without rest.

2 – Horses have wide and large eyes:

. Horses have a large eyeball, about nine times larger than the human eyeball, and yet they cannot look at a specific thing like humans, as they focus on things that are close by using the top part of their pupils.

3 – Horses are used for psychotherapy: 

Horses are used in psychiatry in some cases of treatment, because they are very intelligent and sensitive, and they gain a sense of calm, tranquility, and comfort for the patient, as it is easy to establish a strong bond of communication between them.

4 – Horses have a very strong memory:

Horses can remember all the actions and behavior of people with them, as recent studies have proven that they have a very strong memory and are stronger than the memory of elephants and through which you can understand some simple words.

5- Horses are among the oldest animals ever:

Researchers have concluded that horses are one of the oldest animals present, and the world owns more than 58 million horses, which are mostly raised and cared for by humans, and the British army alone has a large number of horses exceeding the number of trucks.

6 – Horses are a good source of protein:

Horse meat contains an abundance of protein and is rich in energy more than beef and sheep, which made it one of the best dishes spread in Central Asian countries and Europe, as it is very famous in French cuisine.

7 – Horses have a strong sense of hearing:

. Horses are characterized by having a very strong sense of hearing that surpasses many animals and humans as well. They can hear sounds with a frequency of fewer than twenty vibrations, and there is a belief that horses can hear and see ghosts.

8 – Horses Do not vomit:

The vomiting process depends on the presence of a specific organ medulla oblongata in the brain and this organ works to issue the signal in order for vomiting to occur, but the horse does not possess this organ in the brain, which makes it not vomiting, and if this happens, it will be As a result of a blood rupture inside the internal viscera.

9 – Horses express feelings of joy and sadness:

Horses have feelings of sadness and joy and can also express them. When sad about their knight or when you feel intense pain, they shed tears and cry, while when they are happy they raise the upper lip towards the top and they head up.

10 – Horses can sleep while standing:

Horses possess an ability that helps them to stand for a long time, without feeling tired, which makes them able to sleep while standing. Horses are able to do this by having an ability to lock their joints and ligaments of their hind and front legs.

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