8 Amazing Facts About Lion (coffee read)

Facts About Lion are so mesmerizing as this beautiful animal considered one of the strongest animals. It is one of the mammals which is higher at risk of extinction. In recent years International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has announced that there were only about 40,000 lions left by 2014.

Lions are big cats relate to the Felidae family and Panthera genus. Lions are the largest cat species in the world which are mainly classified into 2 main types: Asian lions & African lions and this classification is the updated classification about them. Lions are one of the highly social animals.

Facts About Lion one-by-one:

(1). Weight of newborn cub:

Facts About Lion 

The weight of the newborn cub ranges from 27-56 ounces and it is deaf & blind at first stages.


(2). Length of the Lion:

Facts About Lion

The average lion length ranges from 5.5-8.5 feet while its weight reaches at 330 and 550 pounds.

(3). Oldest Lion Fossil:

Facts About Lion

The oldest fossils of a lion-like animal were found on a site in Tanzania, estimated to be about 3.5 million years old. Some scholars have said that this fossil belongs to a real lion and not its predecessor, but that these fossils are not well preserved, while the oldest documented and confirmed fossils belong A lion in Africa estimated to be two million years old less than the previous one.

(4). Lions are Social:

Facts About Lion

Lions are cat species that sanctify well-organized social life, so they are keen to raise their children until they grow up, unlike other animals that leave their youngs early.

(5). Lions are so Lazy:

Facts About Lion

Lions are considered so lazy animals as they spend most of their time sleeping after having meals. It is also noticed that lions wake only when they have hunger and they normally spend 20 hours of sleep.

(6). Who defend and who hunt:

Facts About Lion 

As lions are social, the male lion plays the role of the defender to the herd while the female lion plays a role in hunting and prey and also other members of the bunch rely on that prey.

(7). Roar of the Lion:

Facts About Lion

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The roar of a lion is so loud in real that it can be heard from 5 miles away.

(8). Lions are social but:

Facts About Lion

As lions are social but there is a fact that Asian lion does not live with females, they only meet them at the time of mating or participation in devouring large prey. On the other hand, African lions do always live with females and cubs, the number of adult males sometimes reach three in the herd which they were born.

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