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Why Don’t Piranhas Eat Eachother | 22 Unkown Facts About Piranha

Piranha is a small to medium size fish native to lakes and rivers in South America. Some have been found to inhabit warm bodies of water in North America and in the Kaptai Lake in Bangladesh.

They are infamous for their razor-sharp teeth and extremely powerful jaws.

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Size  3o-80 centimeters
Weight  5-8 lbs
Color Relies Upon Species – Yellow, Silver-Gray, Red, Black
Habitat Waterways, Lakes, Reservoirs, Floodplains
Location  Amazon
Predator Crocodiles, Caimans, River Dolphin, Turtles, Birds and Other Larger Fish.
Conservation of status  Least concern
# of Species  30-60 Est
Diet Omnivore – Fish, Snails & green plants

It is accepted to be somewhere close to 30 & 60 distinctive species. Be that as it may, the specific number is obscure, discussed, and not yet experimentally demonstrated.

There are more than 20 unique species found in the Amazon stream alone.

The normal size of it is 6 to 10-creeps long in any case, some have been recorded to match 20-crawls long.

The popular red-bellied type of this fish species has a silver-hued body that is canvassed in red patches, however other types of this fish can have shades of yellow, green, and dark. This gives a type of disguise in the sloppy waters these fish live in.

Because of crafted by Hollywood, many appear to accept that piranhas have a voracious eating routine for blood, however for reasons unknown, they are really omnivores – they eat creatures and plants. A few animal varieties are likewise thought to be vegan.

The 1978 film named essentially “Piranha” kicked everything off and even had two spin-offs that followed. Piranha II – The Spawning (1981) and Piranha 3D (2010) essentially terrified any individual who wasn’t influenced by Jaws.

The eating routine of the piranha for the most part comprises of fish, snails, other oceanic creatures, plants, seeds and natural product. Should a warm blooded animal or flying creature fall into piranha invaded waters, these bustling little fish will eat up them in a gathering, yet this is anything but a successive event.

Amazing piranha facts:


1. They have extremely sharp teeth, with tooth lacquer structure like sharks.

The piranha has a solitary line of three-sided teeth that are extremely sharp. They will lose teeth all through their lifetime and they will be supplanted. The manner by which their jaws are structured leave piranhas with an exceptionally unmistakable under chomp, which implies the base line of teeth are constantly uncovered.

2. It needs warm water to endure.

Instead of requiring warm blood – because of the universe of thrillers – piranha can’t live in water that is under 54-degrees F.

3. Theodore Roosevelt is believed to be to some degree to fault for their notoriety.

Post traveling to South America in 1913, local people are said to have put on an act for him, by taking care of a dead bovine to a huge gathering of hungry piranha. He in this manner expounded on the Piranha in his book ‘Through the Brazilian Wilderness’. He composed

4. The word ‘piranha’ really signifies “fish tooth” in Amazonian indigenous dialects.

It is a fairly expressive name thinking about the teeth and mouth of this fish type..

5. It lives longer in nature.

In the wild, piranhas have a life expectancy of as long as 25 years. In bondage, they just live somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 years.

6. There is one regular aquarium piranha.

The red-bellied piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri) is the most widely recognized of the species that you may see in plain view someplace.

7. They have a touchy nose.

It has been portrayed as an “incredibly intense feeling of smell” and this is the thing that causes them in finding their next dinner. It proves to be useful as their vision is likely poor in the dim water piranha will in general like investing their energy in.

8. A fish, is a fish, and piranhas are very little extraordinary.

Its respiratory framework is equivalent to some other fish. They take water in through gills and assimilate the oxygen that exists in that water. The oxygen is taken care of to the circulatory system and once all the oxygen is spent, they remove carbon dioxide through the gills.

9. Two categories of this fish can be more hazardous to people.

The dark and the red-bellied, can be forceful towards people, albeit really assaulting a full developed grown-up is exceptionally impossible and more fantasy, than certainty.

10. For generally little fish, they have ground-breaking jaws.

Its jaw is solid, with the biggest in the species having the option to chomp with a most extreme power of multiple times their own body weight. The dark fish has the most grounded chomp power recorded for hard fish, as indicated by a recent report by researcher Justin R. Grubich. Whenever nibbled, It can slice through a human hand in minutes.

11. It can eat up huge creatures.

As expressed above, just if the creature happens to fall into water swarmed with piranha will it become supper. The primary explanation this happens is on the grounds that piranhas chase in gatherings – enormous gatherings.

12. Try not to stress over being eaten by hungry of this fish type.

It seldom assaults people. Lethal assaults are much rarer, and most recorded cases have been the place people have just suffocated.

13. The male assumes a tremendous job in the regenerative cycle.

The female sex of this fish type will lay around 5-thousand eggs. The male’s main responsibility is to treat them. However, that is not where his interest closes. The male will accept this position so truly that he will get the regional of the eggs and will secure them any way he needs to.

14.It possesses a quick regenerated cycle.

There are two bringing forth a year for this fish. The first happens in spring with the second in the pre-fall.

15. People have discovered a utilization for the this fish type.

You’ve heard the maxim, battling like the devil, correct? Indeed, local societies in South America have utilized and keep on utilizing its teeth for the two devices and weapons.

16. Cautious on the off chance that you are wanting to purchase a piranha as a pet in an aquarium.

Piranhas can be purchased for this reason yet check your nearby laws as in many spots it is illicit to have one.

17. They have been with us for an extremely, long time.

Fossils have shown that piranhas have been around for around 25 million years. The cutting edge piranha genera are thought to have been around far not as much as that – a moderately shorter time – simply 1.8 million years.

18. They chase in gatherings, and go for the tail and eyes.

Examination shows that piranhas regularly assault the tail and eyes of other fish to immobilize them first. They likewise prefer to chase in gatherings, huge gatherings, now and again as much as 500 piranha. They will chase together utilizing what is depicted as the prowl and trap style of assault. This is the manner by which they are fit for bringing down a huge creature.

19. Scientists contend they remain in bunches for wellbeing and assurance, instead of for assaulting prey.

Specialists discovered piranhas were less focused and more quiet in a gathering, known as a ‘sandbar’. While piranhas are frequently dreaded, they are prey themselves to crocodiles, caiman, waterway dolphins, enormous feathered creatures and turtles.

20. The motion pictures have given piranhas a terrible rep.

As a rule, these fish are entirely modest and are considered non-forceful. In any case, when ensuring eggs or their young, you may see a somewhat unique side to these fish.

21. Piranhas can bark.

Red-bellied piranhas have been watched making bark-like clamors when gotten by anglers. Studies show that they make three particular kinds of clamors dependent on various circumstances and conduct.

22. Piranhas found in Bangladesh and China has analysts scratching their heads.

The disclosure of piranhas so distant from their local living space has been a reason for worry for quite a long while. Be that as it may, no reasonable answer has been offered with respect to how this could have occurred, despite the fact that they are thought to have been illicitly brought into the nation.

Myth about piranha:

There are different fantasies about it, for example, how they can eat up a human body or dairy cattle in a flash. It is frequently felt that these threatening fish are pulled in by blood, which energizes them into a tissue expending free for all. These legends allude explicitly to Pygocentrus nattereri, also called the Red Bellied.

Hollywood assumes a significant job in instigating and strengthening these fantasies with low-financial plan, erroneous creations, for example, Piranha (1978) and II: The Spawning (1981); a 2010 revamp named Piranha 3D; and the exceptionally foreseen Piranha 3DD. While these quality movies do give long periods of brain desensitizing diversion, they don’t do the poor Amazonian fish equity!

Luckily, these fantasies are very a long way from reality, and we can guarantee Amazon Riverboat explorers that they face no critical danger from this generally small fish.

It have a notoriety for being savage predators that chase their prey in schools. Late examination, notwithstanding, which “began with the reason that they school as a methods for helpful chasing”, found that they are shy fish that educated for insurance from their own predators, for example, cormorants, caimans, and dolphins.

Indeed, not all piranhas are meat-eaters. For instance, the Tometes camunani species that occupies the rough rapids of the Brazilian Amazon is carefully vegan, eating as a rule on tasty amphibian spices.

Piranhas are “fundamentally like customary fish with huge teeth”. Obviously, there have been examples where individuals have been chomped by it, yet these show up a bigger number of times than not to be instances of mixed-up character or misusing by anglers.


They are the most fierce fishes on the planet. Indeed, even the most imposing fish, the sharks or the barracudas, as a rule assault things littler than themselves. In any case, it routinely assault things a lot bigger than themselves. They will snap a finger off a hand indiscreetly followed in the water; they mangle swimmers—in each waterway town in Paraguay there are men who have been accordingly disfigured; they will sever and eat up alive any injured man or brute; for blood in the water energizes them to frenzy. They will destroy injured wild fowl; and gnaw off the tails of enormous fish as they become depleted when battling subsequent to being snared.

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