Is This a Real Animal ? 7 mesmerizing Facts About This Creepy Hammer Headed Bat

Hammer headed bat also known as a big-lipped bat is a real animal for sure. It’s scientifically called as Hypsignathus monstrous. Specifically, this bat-type weighs around 15 ounces or little more and possesses a wingspan of around 38 inches and a body-height around 12 inches. It’s a mammal, like other bats.

Hammer Headed Bat
Hammer Headed Bat

This bat is also known by the name ‘giant horse head bat’ due to the first impression it gives, just as You experienced after watching this photo.

Let’s enjoy the facts about this hammer headed bat one by one.

Fact #1

Hammer headed bat is a megabat that is considered the largest bat in Africa and also amongst all the other categories of bat that exist.

Fact #2

This bat is considered the excessive carrier of the Ebola virus that can be transmitted to humans which is a known killer virus.

Fact #3

Despite having an awful look, this bat is not harmful in that way, as it is a frugivore animal (eat fruits only) that loves fruits including figs, guava, mango, and banana. But yes it can be harmful in such a way that it can transmit the virus to You.

Fact #4 

Male hammer-headed bats are so different from female bats, even there is no doubt that You can be easily puzzled and start thinking that it might be another bat type.

Fact #5

The big-lipped bats are highly parasitic infestations. They are infection-prone as by mites and protozoans that negatively influence the liver.

Fact #6

These bats mate during the dry season, but the interesting fact is that this bat type reproduces via lek mating.

Lek mating is a type of mating in which a herd of males which is around 25-30 gather around a female and showcase their body and hustle in front one by one, it is the female then evaluates that whom she is going to mate and after deciding she sits beside the male she is interested in.

Fact #7

The gestation period is still unknown after mating, but a female bat gets to its sexual maturity around the age of 6 months and a male typically only gets it hammerhead fully developed at 1 year and sexual maturity at 18 months. Also, these bats typically last 30 years of life.

Hammer Headed Bat
Hammer Headed Bat


You were reading hammer headed bat facts. let’s conclude this topic by little knowing more about it.

Is big-lipped a fruit bat?

Yes, hammer headed fruit bat is that category bat that’s frugivore, a category of herbivores that loves fruits. You may hear about a myth evolving out that bats pee & poop from the mouth, lemme clear you about.

bats love fruit juice, so they suck the juice from their fruit bites and throw it out after keeping long into their mouth.

I hope You enjoyed this article, lemme know in the comments. 

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