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Habitat vs niche, both are different somewhat related terms and have a very deep impact on the ecosystem. These terms are used to point the association between the environment and the organism living in. It describes the relation considering the abiotic factors in the environment & biotic agents.

habitat is a collection of environmental places that are suitable/adaptable by the organisms residing in them.

A habitat is a kinda organism interaction with various other constituents that are either non-livings or livings.

Niche can be defined as a character played by organisms regarding living in that environment together with the food & shelter.

A niche points out the logic of organism linkage with the biological and physical environment.

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Habitat vs Niche
pictorial explanation what’s the difference between a habitat and a niche

Compare and contrast niche and habitat

  Habitat Niche
1. Habitat possess a collection of certain niches. Niche is very specific to a organism specie that may or may not overlap with niche alike but must have distinct and defined distinctions.
2. A habitat is a specified place or region for organisms to live and interact with. Niche is a specified character played by the organisms while living in that ecosystem r environment.
3. Habitat can also be known as a superset of niche. It is a subclass or a subset of the habitat.
4. A habitat is not just specie=specifies, but a habitat can include certain species. Niche is highly a specie specific term that includes only a single species.
5. Habitat exmples are, montains, forest, ocean, desert, grassland etc Niche examples include distint trophic levels tenanted by Darwin’s finches.
6. A habitat is actually a physical sectioned place at a large scale. A niche is an activity executed by the organisms.
7. It holds up several species at the a time.` It holds up a single specie at a time.

 before going further into detail of niche vs habitat have a look at the term ecology.

What is Ecology?

what is Ecology? includes the linkage between living beings an the environment they are living in. it looks to comprehend the essential associations among plants and creatures and their general surroundings.

Ecology additionally gives data about the advantages of biological systems and how the organism utilize Earth’s assets in manners that leave the earth sound for people in the future,

The numerous strengths inside biology, for example, marine, vegetation, and factual nature, furnish us with data to all the more likely comprehend our general surroundings. This data likewise can assist us with improving our condition deal with our normal assets, and ensure organism well being.

Habitat Definition

A habitat is a region or place, or sectioned area of the earth at large, where species of that land eat, sleep, grows, thrives, or in short interact and carry out their all life activities as usual. It is a part that is considered the real ecosystem place.

Habitat is the most suitable condition for organisms to deliver the ideal room for species with the factors like, adaptation, nutrition, growth, flourishment, and reproduction.

We can say that habitat is a room for organisms that provides all types of necessities to survive. the environment in which different organisms from different species show their style of living.

Habitat Example

A lion living in the Amazon forest doing all the activities that are suitable for its survival like hunting for food, mating to carry the generation, and all such. All this is a best example of a habitat.

Types of Habitat

There are five major types of habitat that exist are:

  1. Deciduous forest
  2. Hot desert
  3. Tundra
  4. Coniferous forest
  5. Savanna

Niche Definition

Niche was very first explained by the Joseph Grinnel in about 1971. Accordingly, niche is a sub-unit or distributional unit that species each organism specie.

Niche can also be defined as the specie appearance within the environment; for example, how the specie get all the needy stuff like food & shelter to maintain its presence in the ecosystem.

Examples of Bird Niche?

Niche is the organism role that it performs living in the ecosystem. it is described on the basis of the organism’s reproduction, diet, and the impact of activities that it performs in the environment. For instance, birds feed on fruits solely, other on insects only. while the rest on anything else they find (like some domestic birds)

All the 3 bird types mentioned are able to live in the same environment facing all the same external circumstances which is a habitat, but all these three bird categories possess a different life style that is a niche or we also can say that these three have the distinct niche types. So the niche is a quite important thing for the specie survival or maintenance in the place of a ecosystem.

Most often the niche is idiosyncratic for the species living in the ecosystem. Specie niche is a variant within the habitat because of the distinct environmental states.

Types of Niche

there are three general niche types in biology that are named as:

  1. Multidimensional or hyper-volume niche.
  2. Spatial or habitat niche.
  3. Trophic.

Key difference between habitat and niche


Habitat is a sectioned area at huge where distant species live and carry all their survival activities. While a niche is defined as how just a specific specie interact with the habitat for the better survival of it.


Habitat includes the impact of all the abiotic factors for instance, rainfall, temperature etc. While niche includes the energy flow at the trophic level.


Habitat is a giant that possess certain niches within it. While a niche is just a very tiny part of the habitat.


A habitat possesses a bigger number of different species living differently. While a niche only possesses a single species, e.g. amazon lions.


A habitat has a physical presence. While a niche is kinda ideology that reflects the behavioral activities picking a single animal species.

How habitat and niche are correlated?

Have you at any point imagined why a desert biological system has less number and assorted variety of species than a woods or sea environments?

At the point when an environment can bolster an assortment of territories, it is probably going to have the option to deliver more specialties and more open doors for life forms to fit into.

Deserts have a similar territory over a wide scope of zone; the natural components of high sun powered isolation, water shortage and dry breezes are available all through. Backwoods and seas, inside their huge spatial degree have a wide range of natural elements. This gives life a more noteworthy selection of living spaces and specialties.

Note that natural surroundings can exist without specialties. Natural surroundings is the aggregate of all conditions for a life form to live in (possible living space). A living space is just involved (acknowledged natural surroundings) when a biological system creates and specialties are incorporated into it. This is called natural surroundings separation and is profoundly interconnected with the nearness of a flourishing biological system.

It is conceivable that two life forms can have a similar specialty (same job) in a biological system, if they live in various environments. For instance, deer and bunnies both assume the job of herbivores, however you discover deer in the woody territories of a backwoods while hares are found in the open regions.

What is ecological niche?

ecological niche
ecological niche

Ecological niche shows the utilitarian job of a life form in an environment regarding different life forms encompassing it. Ecological niche depict a creature’s relationship with different species (regardless of whether it is advantageous, unfriendly or unbiased) in that biological system.

There is no understanding of scale, as this is certifiably not a spatial boundary. A worm could have its natural surroundings depicted as the dirt (little scope) or agrarian land (enormous scope), however its job in both continues as before, which is to break down dead material (specialty).

By explicitly adjusting to a specific arrangement of ecological abiotic conditions, life forms increment their capacity of acquiring a “lasting location” and guaranteeing a living space for themselves in the biological system.

Additionally, life forms, by method of connection with different creatures, adjust to a specific procedure in the environment (in the natural way of life and supplement cycling process), picking up the capacity of having “an occupation” and building up themselves for all time.


Ultimately we can say that there are numerous meanings of niche, characterized by various scientist, yet the fundamental thought of specialty lies between the association of various environmental elements and creature in the biological system.

Then again, living space is the indigenous habitat occupied by any life forms whether a plant or a creature or some other microorganisms. As both the terms are firmly related, subsequently it is imperative to comprehend them absolutely and mark the distinction.

Habitat vs Niche FAQ:

Is habitat a physical place?

Yes, habitat is a physical place and a sectioned ecosystem reserved by many organism types.

Is niche a physical place?

No, it is a type of ideology. It do not have any physical presence as habitat.

What is a tiger’s habitat?

A tiger has diversified habitat as amazon, rain forest, savanna, mangrove swamps, and grassland etc.

What is the habitat for starfish?

An ocean is the habitat for starfish. They often found on sea grass, seashores, tidal pools, coral reefs, and kelp beds.

What is habitat destruction?

Habitat destruction is a term used for the process that includes a habitat that is not capable of retaining the different species residing in it, so the ultimate result is the loss or death of species in it.

What is habitat isolation?

habitat isolation is type of condition in which there is hindrances to proliferation that outcome from living being control of particular micro-environments in what in any case is a similar area.

What is an example habitat isolation?

For instance, if two populaces of flies exist in the equivalent topographical zone, however one gathering lives in the dirt and another lives on the outside of the water, individuals from the two populaces are probably not going to meet and recreate.

What is a stem cell niche?

Stem cell niche is a type of micro niche environment that includes the specified cell surroundings that have interaction with the cell for the regulation.

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