Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum Explained Interestingly

The difference between Cerebellum and Cerebrum is so simple. These are 2 separate parts of brain that are different from each other on the basis of their size & places where they are located. the upper largest walnut-like part of the brain is called Cerebrum WHILE Cerebellum is small & present beneath the cerebrum.

Difference between Cerebellum and Cerebrum
Cerebellum and Cerebrum

The brain is a very important organ of our body. It is a very complex and smart organ of the body which works as a central processing unit. A human can survive without a kidney but cannot survive with a single part of the brain missing. It works 24/7 to control our body even all the body parts are dependent on the brain.

Difference between Cerebellum and Cerebrum side-by-side:

  Cerebellum Cerebrum
1. It is a part of the hindbrain. It is a part of the forebrain.
2. It is considered the second greater part of the brain. It is considered the greatest part of the brain.
3. It is a non-paired part of the brain comprised of a single piece. It is a paired part of the brain comprised of two parts left hemisphere and right hemisphere.
4. Its functions are categorized as to maintain the body balance and body posture in coordination with muscle movement. Its functions include vision, emotions, hearing, speech, touch interpretation, reasoning, and learning.
5. White matter existing in this region forms arbor vitae. The white matter in this region does not use to form arbor vitae.
6. It possesses only about 10% weight of the total brain’s weight. It possesses an 80-85 % weight of the total brain’s weight.
7. It is a part below the cerebrum. It is the upper part directly facing the skull bone.
8. It has a shape like a tree. It has the same shape as a walnut.

Which lobe has your personality in it? The frontal lobe is the greatest brain portion that exists on the head front is the lobe that is actually influences most movement and personality attributes OR simply the frontal lobe is the thing that has your personality in it.

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Where is the Cerebellum located?

Where is the Cerebellum located: The Cerebellum exists exactly under the largest part of the brain which is the cerebrum. It is a component of the brain that is comprised of a single piece and has a shape like a tree. It possesses about 10% weight of the total brain’s weight.

Where is the Cerebrum located?

Where is the Cerebrum located: it is located at the upper side of the brain directly facing the skull bone. It is the largest component of the brain which is further comprised of two parts, left-hemisphere & right-hemisphere and has a shape like a walnut. It possesses about 80-85% weight of the total brain’s weight.

Difference between cerebrum and spinal cord:

The cerebrum is the central nervous system component that exists in the forehead cavity. In the case of the spinal cord, it exists on the backbone in the anterior body section. The spinal cord operates as an auxiliary unit while the cerebrum is the chief activity center.

In the case of the spinal cord, the myelinated axon exists outside while cyton exists inside making it appear white. In the case of cerebrum, axon exists on the inner side while cyton exists on the outer side making it appear grey.

The inner cerebrum section possesses whitish matter along with the inclusion of neuron nerve fibers/axons. The inner spinal cord section possesses greyish matter along with the inclusion of motor neurons and cell bodies.

Furthermore, cerebrum is the giant brain section possessing two hemispheres and it operates on different thoughts or emotions. Spinal cord is the CNS section that operates on impulsive signals to and out from the brain. Spinal cord also deals with carrying integrative, sensory, and motor functions to help impulses transmit to the brain.

What is cranium what is its function? Cranium is a pure medical terminology which means the skull or in simple words cranium means skull. It is employed as a defense or a shielding to the brain & face or almost all the sensitive top human body organs. It is a tough structured bone serving as a helmet.



In the above paragraphs, we have looked at some basic distinctions between the cerebellum and cerebrum. Both these are crucial brain components both are equally important for a normal human life. in fact all the brain components are very much important for normal human survival absence or damage of any of the brain components can cause serious problems that we can’t even imagine.

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