Difference Between Ocean and Sea

The difference between Ocean and Sea is that an ocean is greater than a sea. An ocean is a giant salty water body covering 70% total area of the earth WHILE a Sea is also a greater salty water body but is covering the less area than Ocean and possess less depth than an Ocean.

Difference Between Ocean and Sea
Ocean and Sea

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There is a total of 5 oceans on the surface of the earth. These 5 oceans are: Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Southern, and Indian Ocean. If we talk about seas then there are total 7 seas in the world and those 7 are: South Atlantic, North Atlantic, South Pacific, North Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and North Atlantic.

Ocean Sea
1. It is larger than see It is smaller than the ocean.
2. There are five oceans across the globe. There are seven seas across the world.
3. Sea fells into Ocean Rivers and lakes fall into the sea.
 4. These are massive saline water bodies.  These are vast saltwater bodies that either or not dig into the ocean.
 5. These are deeper than see.  These are less deeper than the ocean.
 6. The largest and deepest ocean on planet earth is the Pacific Ocean.  The philippine sea is the largest one.

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Sea and ocean:

Sea and Ocean are almost the same things, but there are only few differences that are discussed above. There is nothing more special to confuse these two terms. We can consider them as the same or different as both are salt/saline water bodies covering the area of the earth.

What is a River?

What is a Rive, the snow or glacier at the peaks of northern areas melts in summer which results in massive water flow from peaks to the lower areas and all this gives birth to Rivers. These are flowing water bodies that can be naturally found on earth at a larger number.

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